240 – 100 Years

Print dit lied Print dit lied 

100 years (word document om te printen)

100 years met solo 

Solo               The other day I felt so young.

But now you made__ me hundred years.

                        If you turn ‘round     look what you’ve done.

                        You’ll see my eyes you’ll see my tears.


Allen              Ooh   ooh

Solo               My friends all say  don’t cry too long

there’s another love to come.


Solo               They may be right, they may be wrong,

                        But still I love__ you’ll hear my song

                        You disapeared without goodbey,

            knowing so well you made me cry.

But troubles you could never face

so you just left an empty place.


Allen              Ooh   ooh

Solo                My friends all say  don’t cry too long 

there’s another love to come.


Alt + solo      They may be right,

S + A + solo  they may be wrong

Solo               but still I love, you hear my song.


S + A + T                   Aah Ha ha (7x)

B                                 Dum di dum-dum dum, enz.

Solo                           The first kiss made a fool of me.

It stuck me but I couldn’t see.

                       For you this love was just the same,


                        I’m asking now: am I to blame?

                                   My friends all say    don’t cry too long.

                                   There’s another love to come.


S + A  + solo            They may be right, they may be wrong

B + T                          Oe      (wrong)

S + A+ solo               but still I love you, hear my song

B + T                          Oe    oe     (love_­  song__)


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